Art exhibit showcases Panel work

An art exhibition is a surprising place to learn about economic history, but that was indeed the case during February and March 2022 when the Stellenbosch University Gallery (GUS) exhibited Charting the Uncharted, an exhibition that brought together some of the most prominent South African artists with researchers at the departments of economics and history at Stellenbosch University. Four Cape Panel researchers’ work was featured: Johan Fourie worked with Ashley Walters on an interpretation of the probate records. Calumet Links collaborated with Lady Skollie on Khoesan wealth. Kate Ekama paired with Chelsea Ingman on mortgage records. And Jonathan Schoots teamed up with Lwandizo Botozo to create Umanyano Lwesizwe Lwanbantsundu. The art exhibit next moves to the Cape Castle for an exhibition in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in June.